Vermiculite Products

Vermiculite is a miracle mineral that has many applications and is used as a growing medium for plants, propagation of seedlings, improve root forming for cuttings, improves soil aeration and water retention and nutrient exchange, loosen heavy soils, loose fill loft insulation, light weight concrete, isolative roof and floor screeds, fire protection in chimneys and fire place installations, packaging of dangerous chemicals, carrier for animal feeds, medium for incubation of reptile eggs, fire proof boards and partitioning, fire proof plasters, cat litter, spill absorbent, insulation of pizza ovens, pertufa and sculpting, pot pouri, hydroponics, filtration, etc etc etc...."What would you like Vermiculite to do for you?"


Retail Outlets:

Eco Vermiculite supplies all grades of exfoliated vermiculite in laminated poly propylene bags.

Vermiculite product stock will be available at the following stores:


The Wilds

13 De Villebois

Mareuil Dr

Safari Garden Centre

Cnr Rubida Str & Lynnwood Road


Newlands Garden Centre

Pretoria East,


Tunnel Quip

5 Trek Road


Heqlen Mic

3 Sealene Road


Eco Vermiculite

13 Impala Street


More stores in Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Gauteng will become available.....please watch the space.

Stock Holdings:

Vermiculite product stock is being held at the following depots for faster bulk deliveries in the Gauteng Province.

Tierpoort Transport

Portion 50

Of the farm Rietfontein 395JR


Deliveries can be arranged when suitable quantities are ordered. The delivery address and the ordered quantity will determine the delivery fee. 


We have passion for what we do and we are satisfied when our customers are satisfied.