Vermiculite Products

Vermiculite is a miracle mineral that has many applications and is used as a growing medium for plants, propagation of seedlings, improve root forming for cuttings, improves soil aeration and water retention and nutrient exchange, loosen heavy soils, loose fill loft insulation, light weight concrete, isolative roof and floor screeds, fire protection in chimneys and fire place installations, packaging of dangerous chemicals, carrier for animal feeds, medium for incubation of reptile eggs, fire proof boards and partitioning, fire proof plasters, cat litter, spill absorbent, insulation of pizza ovens, pertufa and sculpting, pot pouri, hydroponics, filtration, etc etc etc...."What would you like Vermiculite to do for you?"

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

What type of vermiculite do we typically use for seedlings ?


Medium grade vermiculite is typically used for agriculture and horticulture purposes. Vermiculite aerate the soil and retain moisture and nutrients in the root zone of plants.

Vermiculite helps to propagate seeds and helps root forming and helps for faster growth of plants and cuttings.Vermiculite is permanent, clean, odourless, nontoxic and sterile. It will not deteriorate, turn mouldy or rot.

Vermiculite can also be used as a soil conditioner for where the soil is too heavy, gentle mixing of vermiculite up to one-half the volume of the soil will condition the soil.

Expanded vermiculite can be combined with other materials such as peat or compost to produce a soil free growing media for the professional or home gardeners.

These mixes promote faster root growth and gives quick anchorage to young roots. The mixture helps retain air, plant food and moisture, releasing them as the plant requires them.

Question 2

  What is the most heat that the boards can take?


Vermiculite boards can take temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius.

Vermiculite fire proof Boards can be used for:

  • Fire place installations
  • Partitioning
  • Insulation of furnaces

Question 3

How much does the raw vermiculite expands?


Vermiculite is considered to be a safe inert material and is light in colour. When heated it expands, the technical term for this is exfoliation, up to 30 times its original volume. The exfoliation process converts the dense flakes of ore into lightweight porous granules containing innumerable minute air layers. Expanded vermiculite is light and clean to handle, has a high insulation value, acoustic-insulating properties and will absorb and hold a wide range of liquids.

Vermiculite typically sorted into 5 sizes and the number of times it typically expands in volumes are:

  • Large, 14 times
  • Medium, 12 times
  • Fine, 10 times
  • Superfine, 8 times
  • Micron, 6 times 

Question 4

Is vermiculite safe to use in animal feed and why?


  • Exfoliated vermiculite is used in animal feed as a support and carrying medium for a range of nutrients such as fat concentrates, vitamin preparations and molasses because it is free flowing, soft, sterile and absorbent. Vermiculite can act as a slow release agent for the active ingredients carried and will also provide extra roughage.
  • Because of its absorbent capacity vermiculite allows a high volume uptake of the appropriate liquid and thus a greater yield is attained while retaining good handling characteristics; this allows ease of mixing with other materials. Feed grade fats, vegetable oils, choline chloride (as a methyl donor), amino acids, saccharide, polyoxyethylene (to control bloat in ruminants), propionic acid and formalin are compounds that all benefit from being ‘carried’ by vermiculite.


Question 5

What grade of vermiculite is the best to be used as an animal feed carrier?


Typically the finer grades are used such as fine, superfine or micron are used. It is used either in it’s raw form or in an exfoliated form depending if the application requires an the material to be absorbent or are used as a filler/carrier.